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Sexual Expression in
Continuing Care


Sexual Expression in Care

Sexual expression is important to many people throughout their lives, including once they move into continuing care homes. However, residents, their family members, and care staff can have difficulty navigating and discussing these matters.


On this site, you can access infographics, digital stories, academic publications, lay language reports, and other resources related to sexual expression in continuing care. We also provide a link to a free self-directed short course on the topic. Content on this site comes from Dr. Julia Brassolotto’s research program on sexual expression in continuing care. This work received funding from Alberta Innovates and CIHR.

Sexual Expression in Care

Benefits and Challenges Associated with Sexual Expression in Continuing Care


Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Expression in Continuing Care

Want to learn about sexual expression based on real life case studies? Digital stories are short videos that allow us to learn about a topic through storytelling. We provide 4 videos (3-5 minutes each) that tell stories about sexual expression, privacy, communication, and capacity. These videos can be used in training, education, and shared on social media to spark conversation.


Looking for Sexual Expression in Continuing Care 101? Click here to view and register for a free, self-directed short course. This introductory level course covers topics such as understanding sexual expression, communication, privacy, and capacity and consent. Participants will learn from researchers in the field, from the stories of people living and working in continuing care homes, and will engage in interactive and reflective activities to enhance their learning.

Check out our research findings in these peer-reviewed publications.



Want an accessible and shareable way to engage with our research findings? These reports have been circulated in continuing care networks within Alberta and other provinces to inform conversations about sexual expression in continuing care. They may be of interest to staff from continuing care homes, policymakers and legislators, members of provincial health authorities, residents, family members, researchers, and anyone with an interest in this topic.


Here you will find a curated list of resources and toolkits related to sexual expression. This includes resources for care staff, family members, and residents. These resources include guidance for developing policy, assessing capacity, supporting sexual expression, and navigating challenging cases.

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