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Sexual Expression in Continuing Care


Sexual Expression in Alberta’s Continuing Care Homes: Capacity, Consent, and Co-decision-making

In this article, we explore the role of substitute decision-makers (SDMs) in matters of sexual expression for continuing care residents with diminished cognitive capacity. We examine how Alberta’s current use of SDMs can enable an “all-or-none” approach to competence, wherein a person either has capacity to make all decisions or is incapable of making any.

Navigating Tensions About Resident Sexual Expression in Alberta’s Continuing Care Homes: a Qualitative Study of Leaders’ Experiences

In continuing care homes, resident sexual expression is complicated by interpersonal, physical, and social features that are part of congregate living. Little is known about how managers navigate the complexities of these features.

“If you do not find the world tasty and sexy, you are out of touch with the most important things in life”: Resident and family member perspectives on sexual expression in continuing care

Over the past three decades, there has been growing attention to sexual expression in continuing care homes. However, resident perspectives continue to be underrepresented, particularly in the Canadian context. In this article, we share findings from a qualitative, exploratory study looking at the experiences of residents and family members in Alberta, Canada.

Seniors have a right to express their sexuality in long-term care homes, but staff need guidance

In the absence of guidelines or training regarding sexual expression in long-term care homes, most staff are ‘just winging it’ on potentially sensitive issues. This piece makes the case for a principle-based approach to navigating this topic. 

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